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In the movie, Stagecoach, the group of travelers in the coach is representative of the many different classes that were developing during that time. The relationship between the different passengers and the view of each towards one another was apparent. At the beginning of the movie when the alcoholic doctor and Dallas were forced out of town, the prejudice amongst the classes was most apparent. The group of upper class women looked down upon and loathed Dallas. They did not even think it was right for their friend to be traveling in the same coach with Dallas and the others. The appearance of class stratification was again shown with the Mexican 'innkeeper' whom the passengers stayed with after the baby was born. The men are appalled at the fact that he was married to an Apache woman, and didn't even think of her or her 'kind' as human.

The variety of classes was widely accepted during this time, when so many were poor and desperate for work. The only person who accepts Dallas is Kid who himself is somewhat suppressed by society because he is an outlaw. When I watched the movie, I saw a society in which every person had their own place and there was no changing that. The woman, even after Dallas had helped so much with her baby, does nothing for Dallas. She begins to offer to do something for her in return but then quickly takes it back. It is as though she remembered the kind of person Dallas was and knew she could never associate with her. The man who had accompanied the woman, *Mrs. ______ who had been looking for her husband, also looked down upon and despised Dallas. He did not even offer her water, and even more so would...