STar Value Vs. Brand Value

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Star Value vs. Brand Value Last week, I happened to read an article in the Time magazine, which concerned about the topic of education. That article is called " It's a College, not a Brand name seeking student talent." Its author, Michele Tolela Myers claims that academia "borrows the language of business because colleges are forced to operate like business." According to Myers, treating college education as consumer goods will cause our democracy to lose the grounding that people need to "think and participate as intelligent members of a free society." Myers's view, one that I personally agree with, is a "wake-up" calls for our public education to turn back to its real purpose, which is to make people free rather than a "brand name seeking student talent." For many people, public education is the most important component in our complex society. It is the source where intellectuals are born.

Public education should be the place where qualified men and women can have the rights to pursue their interests and desirability for education. Education was born to educate people, to teach people how to think, and how to apply the knowledge that they learn into life. All the courses of study like math, physics, arts, literature as well as many other ones are the sources for people to think and to be educated. There should not be competitions among students in the battle of choosing the desirable career goals versus the ones that can earn them a lot of money later. That is not the real purpose of public education. Public education originally was designed to make people free. Through education, people can recognize that hate crime is a "real" crime, racism is a dirty mark of society, and slavery is an unspeakable act for a country to bare. With...