How Stars Are Formed

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IntroductionPeople have always been fascinated with the stars above. One can see this fascination in poetry or even in the astronomy class that is dedicated to stars. A star is defined as a ball of gas composed of hydrogen and helium (The Astrophysics Spectator 2004).The formation of stars is a question that fascinates many.

No one has ever witnessed the formation of a star so only theories can be formed. One theory is found in the religious scriptures of the Bible and the other is scientific explanation. The background section gives a brief description about both. The findings section provides further detail for better understanding. In the discussion section, the group members will give a personal opinion of the information found. In the last section, the conclusion summarizes theories discussed throughout the paper.

BackgroundThe first theory of how the stars were formed is found in religion. No matter what religion one chooses there is always a part dedicated in their scriptures on how the stars and earth came to be.

These religions have scriptures to help answer questions that can't be found through scientific theory. Christianity, for example, has an explanation of how the stars came to be found in the book of Genesis in the Bible (De Young, 2000).

The second theory is found in science. Because the birth of a star has never been observed, scientist can only make theories on how they believe a star is formed. Although there are different theories, the basics of each theory are the same. These scientific theories state that stars are formed from gas and dust clouds that are collapsing in space. The temperature and the density of the cloud increase as the collapsing occurs. The star will form in the middle of this cloud (IPAC, NASA, n.d.).

FindingsLooking at the...