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Ashley Sobel and Zach Dodds 2nd Hour Mysteries of the World Tour! Your friends at Mysteries of the World Tours have designed a first-class vacation for you that is sure to be a magnificent and rare experience. On this trip, you will experience the mystery, beauty, adventure, and magnificence of the whole world. This will be a most memorable trip, taking you from the mysterious and beautiful reefs of Bermuda to the unknown and interesting England, from the beautiful and lush hilltops of Romania to the magnificent pyramids of Egypt, and to the paradise and intrigue of Easter Island. This thrilling vacation is sure to be unmatched by any other vacation you have ever taken.

Your first destination will be the legendary Bermuda Triangle. Here, you will be staying on the beautiful tropical island of Bermuda. While you are staying in Bermuda, you will have the wonderful opportunities of going to shimmering crystal caves, an historic art museum, and diving in colorful reefs and mysterious ship wrecks.

Next, the extra-terrestrial and creepy side of England will enchant you. This part of the trip will be filled with many exciting tours including tours about the unexplained crop circles, Jack the Ripper, the British Museum, and the Summer Solstice Festival at Stone Hinge. You will also be able to experience the beautiful countryside of the United Kingdom on this part of your journey. This part of the trip is sure to be intense.

A leisurely trip to Romania will take place after your stay in England. In Romania, you will be staying in a quaint, yet luxurious, villa in the Carpathian Mountains. One can choose whether to go to the castle of Dracula for a hair-raising tour, to explore the lovely village of Brasov, or to go hiking in the beautiful and lush Carpathian Mountains.

You will then travel to the gigantic empire of Egypt. During your stay in the famous city of Cairo you will have a chance to see many of the wonderful historical sites of Egypt including the Gaza Pyramids, the Tomb of Nefirtiti, the Museum of Antiquities, and the Temples of Karnack. You will also be able to go on the Nile Cruise and enjoy some of the modern Egyptian festivities and culture. Throughout your stay in Cairo, you will have the chance to experience a camel ride and explore this enthralling city.

Your final destination will be the tropical Easter Island. Located off the coast of Chile, this gorgeous island is world renowned for its petroglyphs called Moias. These gigantic stone statues are sure to amaze everyone. You will also be exploring the beautiful caves on Easter Island. Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of this leg of the trip will be seeing the Rongo Rongo tablets. These tablets have a hieroglyphic script on them that is still a mystery to this day. One will definitely experience excitement, relaxation, and interest on Easter Island.

This trip will be a highlight in your life. All the excitement and adventure of the Mysteries of the World Tour are waiting for you! One is sure to have a relaxing and exciting trip throughout these magnificent places of the world, learning and experiencing the spectacular countries of Bermuda, England, Egypt, Romania, and Easter Island first hand. By going on the Mysteries of the World tour, you can have a once in a lifetime adventure that is safe, luxurious, and filled with thrilling moments every second of the day! We hope that you will come with us on this most excellent journey to explore the beauty and mystery of this magnificent world in which we live.