Steroids in MLB

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The smell of the green grass in the mid-summer evening, the smiling faces of forty

thousand people on a Saturday afternoon. These are the things that I grew up with, things my

Father grew up with and his father and his father. I am talking about professional baseball, I am

talking about the great American pastime that once brought so much pride to families all over

the world. If the legends of yesterday could see what was going on today, they would be very

ashamed of the name that the so called athletes of today are giving this sport. There is a major

problem going on in our era, the use of illegal steroids has severely tampered with the

once historic image of this beloved game.

Drug Enhancers among athletes has become very common in this day and age. There are

many people to blame for this. Not only should the athletes themselves who are taking the

steroids, but also the personal trainers, team trainers, and manufacturers of the drug be held

responsible for these actions.

Barry Bonds, considered by some the greatest baseball player of

all time, by others, a coward. Barry Bonds is now second all time on the home runs list, trailing

only Hank Aaron, but it has been proven that he has knowingly and willingly used the illegal

substances that enhance his playing abilities. Balco, which is the company that supplied the

drugs to Barry is also undergoing federal indictments on illegal steroid charges. The head of

Balco, Victor Conte is serving time right now for illegal steroid charges.

The image that once flocked this sport was one that was like no other. The game of

baseball was cherished in many hearts as one of the truly wholesome things in this world. One

of the most...