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Question: Hagars father is, " self-made man" . What does this mean? Is it possible today to be a self-made man or woman? Do you know anyone who fits this description? Hagars Father is a great example of a , "self made man." This means that he has created a successful life for him self due to his own efforts. It is possible to be a self-made person, as long as that person has initiative, dedication and flexability.

Jason Currie, Hagars father, a man who posseses many qualities in the book The Stoned Angle. One quality which he posess is nessasary to be a self made man. That quality is initiative. In life, to be sucsessful at anything, people have to have initiative. When a person wants something, that person must take the initiative to go and get it. For example Jason Currie wanted to be a business man, so he went and opened a store.

This took a great deal of initiative due to the fact that many people dream of owning their own business, having freedom, and being sucsessful. But this is only a dream for many people because these people don't take the initiative or the risk it takes to own thier own business. Another example of this is , " Bill Gates." There are many different definitions to , "success," one may judge succsess on how much money make. This man in my mind is a, "geek." But a sucsessful one when it comes to money. With out his know how, and initiative he wouldn't be as sucsessful as he is today. He took the his idea of starting his own company including the risks that came along with his proposition, and is now a billionaire. As the naked eye can see, initiative and risk taking are an essential element of becoming a self made man.

Another quality to becoming a self made man is dedication. After people take the initiative to do something and decide that they want to be sucsessful, they must have dedication. For example Jason Currie stayed dedicated and focus on his task of owning his own business. Although this example is a little extrem Jason did display dedication by making his business a number one prority, even before loving and caring for his family. Another person that comes to mind and that is very dedicated is, "Saddam Huissen," leader of Iraq. Although he gets his, "ass," bombed in by the United States of America ,(pardon my language), he still stays dedicated to his cause, and insists on creating new wepons in direct difiance of the contract he signed that says he can not do that. Dedication to your cause or to your business can sometimes become hazordous, but in order to become a self made man it is sometimes nessasary.

The last quality needed to become a self made man, also possesed by Jason Currie, is flexiblity. Jason Currie displayed a great deal of flexibility when he moved to a new country and taught him self the nessasary business skills in order to be sucsessful. Using my self as an example, I belive I posess this quality. I am currently in grade 12 and need to find a carrer path soon. I find my self looking at one main carrer, but if that dosen't come through for me, I have many fall back positions. This display of flexibility is crucial when tring to make your self a, "self made person." There are many , " self made people," in this world, just look at any entrepreneur. There are many different definitions for sucsess in the world, but I feel that being sucsessful is when the induvidual feels like they have acompished their goal. Being , "self made," is possible and takes hard work to accomplish. But through initiative, dedication and flexibility, being a , "self made man," is possible.