Storming of the bastille

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In July 14, 1789 , the French populous exercised first its domination on the government. The Bastille was an old fortress that served like a state prison. The French people despised the Bastille because it represented all that they hated about the French government: it was a symbol of the unlimited power of the government, and was rumoured to be so by the stories of the torments and the beatings that prisoners received.

In that day in July, a rumor had circulated that troops would be sent to the national Assembly. A crowd of people surrounded the Bastille. These people that took this action were some of the most skillful tradesmen and merchants, not just beggars that sought a little more money. Although these were respectable people that place the place, they did not have the media to carry it was, and this was the exact purpose to take the Bastille. If the rumors were true of the King that throws to troops to be separated the National Assembly, the citizens needed some way to defend to itself. The Bastille contained tubes, muskets, and the gunpowder -what the citizens needed.

The multitude did the initial demands to assure the weapons in its own possession and to dismantle the tube that was indicated toward outside toward the citizens. Inevitably, the multitude left hand, and the to fight began. The majority of the citizens did not they have none arms to fight with, and with some muskets had, but nothing to shoot of them, so several copies were utilized, the very popular one was a combination of nails and gunpowder. The citizens descended one of the movable bridges and they began to assault in and to force the other down also. The veterans harbored in the Bastille threw a surrender,