The French Revolution, was it necessary? This essay contrasts the idea of the French Revolution being necessary.

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French Revolution


The French Revolution was a long and painful experience for many of the French people at the time. Most people believe that the French Revolution was only a horror of a time for this country, because of the death torn place that it had come to in times. Yes, in a way this is completely true, there were a lot of deaths during this period of time, and lots of troubles, but that's not all that you have to look at about the French Revolution. In many ways, the French Revolution made the country of France a nation as it is seen today.

First you have to take a look at the causes of the French Revolution, the people in the country were fed up with their government, and so they rebelled against it. The lower class had never had any special needs taken care of, they hardly ever had enough food to feed their whole family, and the fact that they were taxed almost as much money as they made in the year didn't exactly make them happy.

And did the higher classes have to go through these problems? No they did not have to go through them at all. There were people from the higher classes rebelling, it's just that most of the people in France at the time belonged to this stature.

One of the largest revolutionary actions that happened during the French Revolution was the storm of the Bastille. A large group of people, angered by the ways of their government that they have to live by, revolted against the prison. They had made their way in and killed the governor that was posted inside, as well as releasing seven political prisoners, consisting of: four forgers, two lunatics, and one sexual offender. This...