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I Quit

In the story "A & P" Sammy, the narrator, works in a grocery store. Three girls come into the store in their bathing suits, catching the eye of the two cashiers, Sammy and Stokesie. Sammy gives the girls nicknames: "Queenie", "Plaid", and "Big Tall Goony-Goony". The girl with her straps down is named Queenie because she is the leader of the group, Plaid because she has on a plaid bathing suit, and Big Tall Goony-Goony because she is tall and has a long chin. When the manager, Lengel sees the girls walking around in their bathing suits he tells them that they have to be decently dressed to come into the store. He embarrasses the girls and then they leave. After they left, Sammy quits his job. Lengel tries to talk him out of it. He tells him that he has been friends with his parents for years, and that if he quits the job it will hurt his parents.

Sammy knows that it will be hard from now on but he does not care because Lengel embarrassed the girls. Summaries leave out many things such as the setting, character description, and the tone of the story.

The setting of the story "A & P" takes place in a grocery store called A & P. The main character works in the third checkout line. When describing the small town, Sammy says, "Our town is about five miles from the beach, with a big summer colony out on the Point, but we're right in the middle of town, and women generally put on a shirt or shorts or something before getting out of the car into the street" (17). They are north of Boston and most places in the town can be seen from the front...