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A short story showing manifest latent and dysfunctional

In a land far far away and long ago there was an abundance on game animals until

hunters came and slaughtered animal after animal to sell to near by restaurants for profit.

Time passed and many became rich but the once abundant forests were now some how

empty and game-less. Something had to be done! That's when mayor, John Enviro Mental

the II of New Brunswick decided he would ban the listing of game animals on the menus

at near by restaurants to stop the pilfering of the land. He chose the menu ban because he

still wanted for there to be hunting but not hunting for profit. He brought his proposal

before the city council where it met resistance, but being the accomplish politician he was,

he knew a bribe would get them into a passing the law kinda mood.

Some of the Manifest functions John saw was the preservation of game that would

be brought about if he could stop hunting for profit by taking the game off the menus at

the near by restaurants.

However latent functions occurred with the passing of the law, the

amount of people who suffered food poisoning from the meat cooked at the restaurants

went down.

However latent dysfunction's occurred, somewhere ville, their neighbor to the

east, who's economy was propelled by their firearms and ammunition industry suddenly

had no customers, and promptly went bankrupt. A wave of unemployment and bitterness

swept through the town, and the people became angry at what the foolish mayor of New

Brunswick had done to their city!

Back in New Brunswick things weren't so good either, people who once made

their living by hunting, were now living in squalor. They were forced to turn to a life...