Strategic Goals and Management Plan for Harrah's Hotel & Casino.

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About Harrah's

Harrah's Hotel & Casino is an exciting entertainment destination in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, offering its customers first class hotel accommodations, gaming, entertainment and promotions. With so many hotels and casinos in the Las Vegas valley, one must determine its goals and vision to guarantee that it stands out from the competition, offering its customers unprecedented service while providing unique incentives for its employees.

Mission statement.

A company's vision is a "general statement of its intended direction that evokes emotional feelings in organization members." (Dessler, 2003). The mission statement determines the type of business it will be by setting the purpose for the company, and provides the management direction and vision. This statement "broadly outlines the organization's future course and serves to communicate 'who they are, what they do, and where they're headed." Id. Our mission statement is to provide the best service to our shareholders, customers, and employees by building the reputation needed to be the leading casino in Las Vegas.

Our vision.

Our vision for Harrah's is to be the most recognized casino on the Las Vegas strip. We will keep the atmosphere fun and exiting to ensure that every customer leaves satisfied, and every customer will anticipate returning. Harrah's will not only be known for the best gaming but for other venues such as restaurants, clubs, and shows. We will ensure our customers find the same courtesy, treatment and service from our sister properties as they receive from the Las Vegas property. Harrah's will offer incentives to employees to downsize employee turnover. We will offer the highest quality of technology.

Strategic Goals.

Brand Name Recognition:

Over the next five years, Harrah's would like to be recognized as one of the leading casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. It is...