Strategic HRM is a theoretical model rather than a practical reality. Discuss

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The essay that's undertaken presents the conflicting issues between Industrial Relations and Unitarism, which reflects a Strategic perspective. It was easily recognizable that society as a whole is slowly converging into unitarism. What became blatantly clear is the conflicting interest between Strategic HRM and Industrial Relations, which ultimately reflected the trend of management simply putting HRM first, which excluded Industrial relations issues. Also, HRM was found as a means to bypass Industrial relations, this is evident through the Private sectors changing policies throughout time which gradually squeezed out Pluralist perspective. There must be a ability for unions to adapt to changing circumstances, with management practices gradually prioritizing Strategic HRM policies, and also recognizing the changing role of today's employee's throughout the private and public sector. Lastly legislative changes have significant impact on HRM policies and with recent governments having seemed to favor enterprise bargaining which encourages employer/ employee negotiation.


This essay is based upon 'Strategic HRM is a theoretical model rather than a practical reality. It is a unitarist perspective, and as such it is incompatible with contemporary industrial relations practices. Discuss.'

An attempt will be made during this essay to present the underlying issues and conflicts, which reflect the evolution of HRM/IR throughout time. The key issue examined closely, is the changing view of managements thinking towards HRM/IR and what factors influenced this progressive attitude of thinking. Factors covered are political/legal, employee loyalty along with factors beyond unions control. Enterprise bargaining along with legislative changes will also be looked upon and there profound impact on Industrial Relations, also the AIRC will be briefly examined. In relation to the issue of Strategic HRM being a theoretical model will, also be looked upon, whether it's more an 'ideal business world' situation and its conflict with reality...