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Strategic Human Resources Research PaperInterClean, Inc. is an institutional and industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. InterClean is within the $8 billion profit margin and has been very successful. However, the market has begun to change and has a forecast of consistent change. InterClean realizes that their best products are not going to expand the company into new competitive markets. Success comes down to providing solutions and services along with a high quality product. This will cause a shift within the labor force particularly the sales department. All the changes and implementations are to happen in 90 to 180 days. A schedule of such tight magnitude will require a dedicated, educated, and company supported human resource (HR) department. The HR department will lead the staffing review efforts.

Team B analyzed other businesses that have experienced some similarities to the situation faced by InterClean. Benchmarking is a good way for a company to understand and lay out ideas of handling similar issues.

The companies do not necessarily have to be within the same industry. The companies Team B chose are Home Depot, Pacific Corp, Boeing, American Express, Univera, Atlas Castings and Technology, Safeway, WalMart, Toyota, and BP Amoco. In some form or fashion these companies have had to deal with issues that needed the help, guidance, and involvement of a competent HR department. Some of the concepts that will be focused on included training and development, recruitment, and selection.

Concept and Company AnalysisBoeing and American ExpressInterClean is not the first company (nor will it be the last) to make changes to the company's vision to accommodate changing market needs. Boeing and American Express are two companies that are familiar in dealing with domestic and international growth. "Knowledge of equal employment opportunity (EEO) and labor relations laws, government guidelines, and country-specific practices...