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Today, all the people living on earth are concerned with a huge system, which consists of workers, unemployed people, women, men, criminals, the innocent, and lots of some other kinds of people. However, there is not anybody who is interrogating or trying to find a better system of life. Everybody conforms to the rules of his/her environment. But, there should be a solution for this conforming and living without interrogating the life. Philosophy should be the best answer to this huge problem of human kind. Therefore, we should find a way for teaching people philosophy. The best way for this matter should be teaching philosophy all the students graduating from university. A basic curriculum of philosophy can make students gain from their life and able to make necessary changes for a better life.

The most important benefit of philosophy is that, it enlarges our thoughts.

If college students were thought philosophy, they could think all the things in the world with its all features. A situation, which seemed them wrong, can be true after the enlargements of their thoughts. For instance, there can be a person who perceived walking with a girl friend as a bad and inappropriate behavior, but after the enlargement of his thoughts, he can perceive it as a normal and a possible situation. On contrary, philosophy can make people understand that there can be wrong things, which seemed true. So that, people can solve their problems which are concerned with others permanently. Because they can find the reason which is the starting point of the problem. For example, a man might have a problem with his wife, because his wife is always ignoring him. In that situation, he can beat her and solve the problem according to himself for a short...