The study in depth of the Gothic Genre.

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* Define the Gothic genre

Gothic genre is a style of writing which emphasises the supernatural, mysterious, grotesque which creates horror. This emphasis allows both the author and the reader to explore our dark side; its themes are often related to that of mystery, gloom and terror.

* Define Romanticism

Romanticism as a backlash or countermovement focusing on aspects such as:

Emotion and reason

Power of imagination

Men's relationship to nature

Value of innocence

It originated in the 18th Century in Western Europe and it changed the way the society saw their environment as it overturned many preceding social and political norms that the people were accustomed to. Romanticism also contributed in areas of arts, where poems, songs and paintings stressed very strongly on human emotions.

* Define Age of Reason or Rationalism

The age of reason is a philosophical belief that asserts that the truth can best be discovered by reason and factual analysis, rather than faith, dogma or religious teaching.

Scientific breakthroughs brought rise to advances in technology, which eventually completed changed people's way of life. Such discoveries as that of electricity by Benjamin Franklin in the 1752 ultimately led to the decline of religious influence as many turned to science in seeking the truth.

* Explain how the Gothic and Romantic genres arose as a reaction to Rationalism

The rise of industrialisation caused massive dislocation and alienation of the society and Gothic literature was partly a response to restore balance and moral order, as well as a form of escapism from the reality of new scientific and industrial order. During this period of time, many people were lost, no longer knew what to believe and were afraid of this change and confusion. As a reaction, the Gothic and Romantic genres arose as it was trying to counter...