A study guide of the Anglo-saxon literature and the time period, an understanding of their writting influence there and now.

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a shor, very summarized outline fo the anglo-saxon period.

here is an example:

II. Celtic Heroes and Heroines: A Magical World.

A. Celts practiced Animism where spirits influenced all aspects of life.

B. Human sacrifice practiced.

C. Stonehenge probably used for religious rites and as lunar and solar calendar.

D. King Arthur most famous warrior.

E. Legends full of strong women (Queen Maeve).

F. Magic and imagination dominate Celtic myths in contrast to Anglo-Saxon stories.

III. The Romans, the Great Administrators.

A. England invaded by Julius Caesar in 55 B.C.

B. Organized by Emperor Claudius.

C. Provided the land with armies to prevent rebellions and invasions.

D. Build Infrastructure.

1. Network of roads.

2. A defensive wall seventy-three miles long.

E. Christianity brought by Romans unified England, disappearing the Celtic religions.

F. By A.D. 409 Romans evacuated England to help home.

G. Without Roman control, England was again susceptible to invaders.