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The Kansas Territory causes violence between proslavery and antislavery factions in 1855. The Dred Scott decision invalidated the Missouri compromise of 1820 which had put a shaky lid on the slavery prob. 4 more than a generation.


*In 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe published Uncle Tom's Cabin in a protest against the inhuman fugitive slave law and utilized to alert the N. of the wickedness of slavery(splitting of families). She believed that God had helped her write it therefore it was another reminder of how the 2nd Great awakening affected the masses

oMillions of copies were sold due it being translated into diff. languages.

oIt ran as a play. Lincoln, "so you're the little woman that help started this great war" after reading this book many swore they would enforce the Fugitive Slave Law. London and Paris had seriously considered intervening gin the civil war however they knew that their ppl who had been aroused by the "Tom-mania" might now support them

*Hinton R. Helper: in 1857 The Impending Crisis of the South came out.

Helper was a white nonaristocratic from N. Carolina who hated both slavery and blacks. He attempted to prove thru statistics that indirectly the nonslaveholding whites were the ones who suffered most from slavery. His book was banned in the S. but in the N. he sold thousands of copies. EFFECT: increases the South's belief that they must separate themselves from the N.


*Kansas was an exp. of pop. Sovereignty. Newcomers to Kansas were mostly northerners in search of rich lands, small part was abolitionists/free-soilers.

*New England Emigrant Aid Company: sent about 2000 ppl to Kansas to forestall the S.& 2 make a profit.

*S. spokesmen were furious since...