How to Study at Home

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Studying at home is a lot of hard work. I say this because there are many distractions. It's a major difficulty to work in an environment that has a noisy surrounding. Having visitors over at my house is the most distracting. This usually leads to procrastination and sometimes I never get a chance to finish my work.

The first and most important thing I would do before getting started on any work is organize and plan my time. It's important for me not to procrastinate, so I set up an agenda and track my time. I would organize my time so that I can get lots of work done, but at the same time I get a break every hour or so to make sure that I do not stress my self out. If I start stressing myself out, I tend to quit working on what I have started before I get a chance to finish.

If I have many topics or subjects to work on, I try to finish the work that takes the finish first so that I will have plenty of time left to finish shorter assignments. I try to spread my assignments over a week period instead of trying to finish all of it in one day.

If I were to work quietly and peacefully at home, I would make sure I am in a room in the house where there are very few distractions. I would look for a place where it is neat and tidy, and have only the materials that are required to do my work. I'd make sure there is a lot of lighting in the room, and has motivating quotes, slogans, and pictures hanging on the wall. The work environment is most important to me because it...