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·is it possible to see into the future? Many believe that a man named Michel de Nostradamus could. His predictions have baffled scholars for over 400 years. Nostradamus made over 1,000 predictions and according to historians, half of them have already come true. The most shocking of his predictions deal with the coming of 3 Anti-christs.

·My paper will focus on these prophecies made by Michel de Nostradamus.

-it is important to know a little bit about nostradamus' life to judge how reliable he is with his predictions.

-He was born in 1503 in St Remy de Provence, France.

-Brought up as a catholic, he was an excellent student and attended the university of Montpelier intending to pursue medicine

-Nostradamus was married for only 3 yrs before his wife and children were killed by a terrible plague.

-For the next 6, he wandered around france + italy - it was then that he discovered his prophetic gifts

1.For example, one day when he was walking down the street he saw monks coming, stopping to let them pass, he immediately dropped to the knees of one of the monks, felice peretti. . when asked why he replied "I must yield myself and bow before his holiness." 19 yrs after nostradamus' death, peretti became pope sixtus V

2.another account was when he was staying with seigneur de florinville in his chateau in the province of lorraine. Florin'z cook was bout to cook some pigs, showed Nos two, one black, one white and told him to predict which one they'd eat that nice. So he said the black one. Florin gave his cook the white one. That night after they ate, he asked him again, he said da black. Then florin asked his chef, chef said a wolf cub...