Successful Completion of Algebra I as a high school graduation requirement

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My friend Gene was not a very bright student mainly because of his unwillingness to learn. As a junior in Villa High School, Gene struggled with the concept of Algebra I. In the first semester, Gene managed a D in the class, which was not acceptable since Villa High School had a graduation requirement stating that students must receive at least a C in Algebra I in order to graduate. Fearing the horror of getting held back, Gene started to dedicate many hours toward studying for that subject. Then, at the end of the third quarter, his hard work paid off. Gene received a C for Algebra and was able to keep that C until the end of the second semester. After the success, Gene was no longer a below-the-norm student; he successfully passed all his classes and was able to graduate after his senior year. This pleasant memory leads me to believe that successful completion of Algebra I encourages students to become more studious.

Although some students choose to ignore this requirement, successful completion of Algebra I stimulates a student's desire to strive for better grades. Particularly, it encourages a student to achieve better than average grades. For instance, when Mary, a freshman at Linda High School, sees herself passing Algebra I with a C+, she feels great about herself. Knowing that her hard work has paid off, Mary begins to work harder on other subjects. In the end, she proudly becomes a B student. Another example of a student striving for better grades is the case of Amy. Amy, who has always had problems in school, has received a C for Algebra I in the first semester, which is considered a wonderful accomplishment for her. This success boosts up her hopes and she begins to aim for...