A Suggested Use of Guerrilla Theatre to Raise Awareness About the Negativity of Abortion in Albuquerque, NM

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MWA2: Abortion and Guerrilla Theatre

We all think it is a sin to kill anyone purely for the sake of convenience. In fact, it is even against the law to do so. When it comes to killing a child, most people would shrink back in horror. But for an unborn child, this is something many people do not think twice about and regard this as nothing important. Abortion is such an atrocious act that our society turns their eyes away from. Through the use of guerrilla theatre, this issue cannot only be addressed, but the minds of the public can be changed to see abortion as a terrible and selfish way of dealing with pregnancy.

According to the FIGO Ethics Committee, abortion is "the termination of pregnancy using drugs or surgical intervention after implantation and before the conceptus [the newly conceived baby] has become independently viable" (Barzelatto and Faudes, 21).

This subject affects many people, not just the unborn child. While abortion is ending the life of an innocent child, it can have negative effects for the mother, the father and even the doctors.

The mother of the unborn child deals with many issues with regards to receiving an abortion. In a book about the entire realm of abortion, authors Barzelatto and Faundes describe how the mother faces several types of consequences in addition to other issues and solutions to the controversy. Physically, mothers often deal with complications afterwards, like sterility and infections. Roger W. Harms, M.D. Mayo Clinic Staff, suggests that some of these effects may affect future pregnancies, like preterm birth, vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy and low birth weight. His findings show that abortions can alter the possibilities of having a healthy child by...