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The 1950's was a time of many changes. A lot of inventions took place in the 50's. The most popular items that we use today were invented in the 50's. I researched famous events, famous people, inventions, fads and fashions, and sports.

The cold war was probably the biggest event that happened in the 50's. It was a war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Finally a peace agreement was signed in Korea to end the Korean war. McCarthyism is where people blamed other people of being communists. This took place in the 50's. Joseph McCarthy started this event. Both the soviet union and the U.S kept on building more and more weapons to overpower their enemy. The United States gave France billions of dollars to help fight off their communist leader. Dwight Eisenhower was probably the most important person during the 50's. he was the 34th president.

Joseph Stalin was also important. He was important because he was the dictator of the Soviet Union during the cold war. Douglas Macarthur led the U.N Forces in the Korean War. John Foster Dulles was the secretary of the State during the 50's. He was also Eisenhower's foreign policy advisor. The decade was important because a lot of things we use today, came from the 50's.

The two people that I interviewed were my two grandma's. We talked about what they remember the most about the decade. We also talked about the clothes that people wore back then. We discussed what happened to them in the decade, and who you admired. They told me the most famous event that they remember. They both were in their 20's during this decade. This is the age when most of their important things happened.

There were a lot of things that surprised...