Summary of first four chapters Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2003)Research Methods for Business Students (3rd edn), Rotolito Lombarda, Italy

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The research course is very important for the business student and reveals that how to use the different methodologies to solve the different existing problems when their doing research. Meanwhile, the book shows how to choose the best and most efficient research way to deal with the project.

From part 1 to part 4, it presents the purpose of this book and what students need to prepare before starting to do their researches. The aim of these four chapters is to guide business student to do a research better. If students want it better, there are three steps should be emphasized greatly as follows:

i.The most important one is business students should be clear about what they want to do. Firstly, producing some good research topics through brainstorming is crucial and then selecting the best topic from the ideas for the research can make the work go favoringly in the future.

A nice topic is the key of the work, and it is summarized from a great of research ideas. It can not be ignored that business students should write some useful ideas into their final research proposals.

ii.Another one is doing a high quality literature review for supporting the certain research topic. Moreover, a literature review is an integration of previous research and doing a specific research topic. It can provide a critical analysis of the certain research. As business students, there are three main points should be present by them: established findings, conflicting evidence and difference.

iii.The final one is choosing a right research strategy that can fit for the decided research project. It is undoubtedly that many various methodologies exist, but business students ought to select the appropriate methods from all so that they can meet individual need of research.