The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway The Love of Desire and Truth

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In the Sun Also Rises Jake, Mike, and Robert show a love of Lady Brett Ashley in the novel. This love is the one of attraction and looks. The three are closely observant of her. They want her and using language and actions they showed their love of Lady Brett Ashley. This love is one of competition and of self worthiness.

In this novel Jake shows the most affection toward Brett even though he is impotent. Due to this condition Jake feels he cannot get to have her due to the condition he has acquired during the war. Jake meet her in hospital during the war where Brett was a V.A.D. Jake shows this love by knowing a lot about her. On page 46 Jake says, "Her name's Lady Ashley. Brett's her name. She's a nice girl.....She's getting a divorce and she's going to marry mike Campbell. He's over in Scotland..." the passage shows a detailed knowledge of the lady with such facts as her real name, and her divorce.

Also in this novel there is another character that seems to show interest in Lady Brett Ashley. This character Robert Cohn shows an interest by asking Jake a very knowledgeable source about Lady Brett Ashley, asks questions about her. On page 46 Jake asks "What do you know about Lady Brett Ashley, Jake?" also on the same page Robert says "I do. I shouldn't wonder if I were in love with her", when Robert said, "I do" he was referring to the fact of his love for her. This love of her is so strong he believes that she won't marry Mike Campbell.

In this novel Mike Campbell is the person that will marry Lady Brett Ashley. Mike Campbell is a drunk. But unlike Jake, Mike is not...