Supply Side Affimative Action/Case Study

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Supply-Side Affirmative Action

Supply-Side Affirmative Action

I agree with the article "Supply-Side Affirmative Action" written by Clarence Page. Affirmative action programs seek to remedy past discrimination against women and minorities by increasing diversity in work place and education systems. Affirmative Action is a moral and political question, which seems to divide Americans more than it unites them. On the one side are those who regard it as a type of program designed to rectify racism and reverse the effects of both past and present discrimination. On the other side are those who simply see it as another form of discrimination, giving one group extra advantages based on nothing but their skin color.

Affirmative action, properly implemented, widens the pool of qualified candidates who will be considered. The author gives a good example of this with using J. Danforth Quayle whom was accepted into De Pauw University due to their decision to change the acceptance criteria.

He went on to become Vice President of America. Many people with potential are not given the same opportunities because of their economic or social status and that is not fair. Each person should be judge by character and knowledge, but often that is not so, therefore implementing programs to insure fair treatment is still necessary today.

Critics against affirmative action offer many different arguments opposing affirmative action. One of them mentioned in the article is that we do not need it any more. Feminist and civil rights movement did their job. In order to have a truly democratic and just society we need rules that demands fair opportunities for all minorities because racism, sexism, tears at the very fabric of society.

The argument that Affirmative action cheats those who need the help explains Americans anxiety. Our fears, while real and justified, are being...