Supports and opposition for sending troops to war (Vietnam)

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Different groups within Australia's population had very strong reactions both for and against the federal government decision to send our troops to Vietnam to become involved in the war.

The most imported supporter were Menzies like government. The most significant groups in subscription were the Labour party, Communist party, conscientious objectors, SOS, VAC.

Understanding the reasons behind both sides views is essential to explain Australia's history during this changing time

The supporters were:

The Federal Government because we had very strong alliance with the United Stated of America and an agreement with SEATO and ANZUS.

A lot of Australians were scared of communism so they supported sending the troops to Vietnam

The Media supported the decision because it could televise the war for ratings.

Supporters of US supported the decision

The opposition was:

The Labour party opposed the decision.

The Communist party did not agree either

There were two major groups that opposed the war.

These were called the 'Save our sons Movement and the 'Vietnam action committee. The overview of the group was mother joining together to voice their opposition to the conscription of their sons. The VAC demanded full withdrawal of troops from Vietnam.

Therefore it can be seen that Australia was a country in conflict with different groups within Australia's society either supporting or opposing the federal government decision to conscript and send troops to Vietnam