Surviving Columbus.

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Watching the documentary "Surviving Columbus" I got an understanding from both sides growing up believing Christopher Columbus was a hero and that's he and his explorers taught the Indians how to be civilized. Now I realized that you need both sides of the story to find most of the truth. I can't help but feel sorry for the Pueblo Indians and how much they suffered. There are Three things that I realized by watching this film. One is that Christopher Columbus was a very selfish man. Two was the Indians were very civilized no matter what the Spanish thought and three how much the Indians suffered. As much as I hate Christopher Columbus for what he and his men did to the Indians, I can't fight the fact that without him I probably would not be where I am today.

Christopher Columbus was a very selfish man. In the book "Don't Know much about History" by Kenneth C. Davis, it talks about the end of his journey when a look out man spots land but Columbus tells them he saw it the night before, just so he would get the reward.

Columbus was known as a Conquer (which I think he called himself and told others to call him that as well) because he tamed the "Savage" Indians to be civilized humans. In reality he took everything they had for his own pleasure. Religion was a big issue for the Spanish. The Spanish forced Indians to convert to Catholic/Christianity and pray to a cross. Columbus believed that his religion was superior but if you think about it, the Spanish were not setting very good examples for their religion by rapping Indians and by killing them. Columbus' selfishness caused many problems between the Spanish and the Indians.

The Indians were...