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The Nonacceptance of Native American Culture

From the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the present day, the Native Americans have been misunderstood and treated like beasts. Arriving on the coast of the Cuban islands with the intention of finding gold and silver, Columbus found a culture which he didn=t understand and therefore proclaimed savage. Columbus took advantage of these >uncivilized= peoples by taking their land and forcing them into slavery. This attitude towards the natives continued with the colonization of North America. When the colonists arrived in America, they encountered people known as >Indians=. As the colonies grew, the Native Americans were forced to move west. This occured because the colonists felt they were a superior race, and therefore they could take over the Native American=s land. As the Native Americans were forced west, they also were brutally killed and enslaved. From the time Columbus arrived until the twentieth century, ninety-nine percent of North America=s native people have been killed (Churchill 129).

The government did nothing to try to peacefully live alongside the natives. Instead, they forced the Native Americans to move west or give up their way of life and become American. Most Americans felt the same as Columbus did when he said the Native Americans were Amade to work, sow and do all that is necessary and to adopt our ways@ (Brown 1). The Americans and their government failed to accept Native Americans as unique people and let them live the way they wanted. The U.S. Government unjustly slaughtered and enslaved the Native Americans because Americans refused to understand and accept Native American culture.

The slaughter of the Native Americans was unjust. Columbus started the trend of the unjust slaughter of America=s indigenous people that continued for more than two hundred years. Significant examples of unjust slaughter are...