Susan B. Anthony.

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"Woman has shown equal devotion with man to the cause of freedom and has stood firmly by his side in its defense. Together they have made this country what it is. . . We ask justice, we ask equality, we ask that all civil and political rights that belong to the citizens of the United State be guaranteed to us and our daughters forever"

-Susan B. Anthony. 1876

Susan B. Anthony broke the barriers of equality in her confidence to step forward and voice her opinion. As an active leader of the temperance movement, women's rights and anti-slavery campaigns during the late 1800's, she has proven herself to be great leader. Through her accomplishments and actions Susan helped start a revolution which would change society forever. Growing up in a devout Quaker family, Susan's father enforced discipline, principled convictions and belief in one's self worth. It is through this upbringing that Susan acquired the strong will and determination that helped her to be the influential woman that she became.

At an early age Susan proved to be a precocious child and learned to read and write at the age of three. She went to school and strived to receive a good education, which is necessary for a strong leader. She used her knowledge to become a teacher but soon became involved in the temperance movement. From that point on, Susan's efforts were undying in trying to enforce equality. She helped found the Women's State Temperance Society of New York, one of the first organizations of its time. Early on Susan became friends with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and joined together in campaigns for women's rights. The motivation Susan had to start programs such as the National Women Suffrage Association, the International Women Suffrage Alliance, and the International Council...