Steroids in Sports: A Look at athletes that use these drugs and ultimately abuse them

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When outside the sports world looking in you may not notice the abuse of steroids that surround every sport.

In every sport each player is trying to be the best they can be, by taking a steroid you increase your level of performance but illegally. What the steroid does is speed up the muscle building process but causes much damage to the body in the process. The damages could be either short term or long term depending on the sport they play. Steroids have been showing up in professional sports all the way down to the high school ranks, and every level in between. This is all due to the face everyone wants to get bigger and faster to make the big money and they think that steroids is the way to go.

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This site offers research on the effects and background information on how steroids effect the body and how they are used.

This will help with all the aspects of steroid use.

More Bad News for Steroid Abusers. Forensic Drug Abuse Advisor. Vol 7 (9) October 1995

This site is a key aspect of how the steroids are abused and the major effects they have had on individuals in the past. This has all the aspects of steroids usage covered and analyze.

Tschirgi, Trent. Guide to Information About Steroids. METNET Drug Information Base. CESAR Board: Center for Substance Abuse Research, University of Maryland, 1993.

A great site to encompass the facts and reality of using and abusing the drug. This also has harsh facts about the outcome using the drug and how they effect the user and the people around them.

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