Taiwan Independence Movements since 1970

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Peng's escape was a turning point in the movement. On January 15, 1970, the Taiwan Freedom League in Taiwan, the Taiwan Cheng- lien Independence League in Japan, the United Formosans in America for Independence (successor to UFI) in the U.S. and Brazil, the Committee for Human Rights in Formosa in Canada, and the Union for Formosa's Independence in Europe all joined and came together under the banner of World United Formosans for Independence (WUFI). WUFI established its general headquarters in Kearny, New Jersey and headquarters in Taipei (Taiwan), Tokyo(Japan), Toronto(Canada), and Vienna(Austria). WUFI publishes Tai-Dok in Taiwanese, Taiwan Chenglien in Japanese, and an English edition of Independent Taiwan. these three represent official voices and WUFI's activities are spread globally under the guidance of Professor Peng as a senior adviser.

On October 25, 1971, the Republic of China seat in the U.N. was given to the People's Republic of China and there have been numerous official recognition's of the People's Republic of China as the legitimate representative of China and the normalization of diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China by many countries.

This worsening international position of the Nationalist government of the Chiangs has prompted many Taiwanese who have been forced by fear to take rather inactive and neutral positions to focus their increasing attention to the independence of Taiwan. Its significance can be observed not only in the world outside Taiwan, but also inside Taiwan itself. For example, on the occasion of the Nixon visit to Peking on January 2, 1972, a Taiwan Presbyterian Church with 200,000 members proclaimed in about 700 churches around the island the right of self-determination of their fate and the opposition to the sell-out of Taiwanese to the People's Republic of China. On December 24, 1972, Taiwanese Christians Living abroad formed an organization...