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Can she take any longer? I better look good in this one, the last couple of shots she took before this was just absolutely horrible. She takes forever in a day just to take one shot, I'm tired of keeping still.

I heard from Puma who heard from Ms. April who heard from Winnie the Pooh who heard it straight from Mr. Bunny that she dressed him up like a clown, red squeaky nose and everything. Take me to the teddy bear factory why doesn't she? Geez, can't she understand I'm the kind of bear who likes to be free and open. I'm glad she decided not to dress me up or anything.

I hope I don't blink this time. I blinked in the previous ones because she obviously takes the shot at the count of number two not three, which gets me all confused and not ready.

I hate how I got all soapy wet, dried and brushed up just so she could only take a snap-shot of my face.

That's the part where I barely fixed my fur too. Oh yeah, she bought a new brand of detergent, it's the snuggle one, with the bear. I love it.

I'm getting sleepy. I love sleeping with her at night, I feel safe and warm. She kind of squeezes me a bit too hard and I begin to lose air, but that's okay, she eventually lets go. I hate when she drops me. Does she realize the major fall from the bed to the ground? It's a major thud and ouch.

My eye is going to hurt for a while I bet you, I've seen this flash before and it's right next to my eye and you know what happens.

I have the prettiest color of light brown fur ever, why on earth is she making this photograph black and white. Has she gone mad? I've got the softest, light brown, not too long just right, not that harry fur. What's going on? What's wrong with her? Doesn't she want to show me off that way also? I do love my ears though. Aren't they just the cutest, small and round pair of ears you've ever seen? I think so.

This light above me is kinda of burning the top of my fur. Oh no! I hope it doesn't do anything to my newly washed fur.

Lalala... just singing a tune to myself. I'm really bored right now. Why did it have to be me? Why not Piglet or Hello Kitty. I thought this was going to be great, but I didn't realize it takes this long.

I have a feeling she's almost done. Did I blink? Did my fur look okay? I didn't fall, I kept still like you said.

Wow! Seeing the final results makes me take back what I said about her before. She's great at taking pictures. I do look good. I didn't blink, and my fur looks awesome.