Talk about Tyler Pet Foods which is popular in australia.

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Executive summary

Overall Australia market, executives of Tyler Pet Foods, Inc. must follow the political, economic environment to position the productions, and the changeless purpose is ensure company's resources and combine them to adopt to Australia dog food market. A lot of information has shown the frozen dog food was being sold in the freezer section of selected supermarkets in Australia. Then there are tremendous potential for TPF in the household dog food market. But the competitions also existed. So keep sustainable competitive advantage to share the Australia market is important. Based on this information, we are targeting on Dog Humanists and Conscientious Dog Lovers, positioning the products at high quality and high price, advertising on the TV, newspaper and others, distributing the products at the supermarket, veterinary clinics. Separate company's budget into 2 period, that are Beginning and Sales period. At the beginning period, the total budget is about $700,000 and $174,000 for the sales period.


Tyler Pet Foods, Inc. is a major manufacturer of dog food in American. And have success share the Boston market already. Show Circuit as the brand with many features. Such as more nutritious components in it and have high quality. Show Circuit is not only care about dogs' healthy, also pay attention on their coats. These competitive advantages are benefit for enter a new market which is Australia dog food market.

Company objective

Tyler Pet Food Inc.'s objective is entry Australia dog good market and rapidly divide Australia market share. In the future, it is to be one of the Australia leading producers and providers of nutritious frozen dog food, include lead dog food quality, category and pricing level. Otherwise, tap new products constantly is also TPF's objective.

The company's primary financial goals are to maximize earnings and cash flow, and to...