Taming of the shrew assay Topic: Treatment of women in Shakespearean times

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Taming of the shrew assay

Topic: Treatment of women in Shakespearean times

The treatment of women back in Shakespearean times was not like today. During that era the woman did not have any say, their opinions did not count for much nor could they freely express themselves. It was the male gender that made all the decisions for them for example if a woman was of marrying age the father would arrange who and when she was to be married whether she wanted to get married or not. Even the man was to be accepted by the father not by the daughter. In the play "The Taming of the Shrew" we read of male dominance over women. In the case of Kate she did not want to get married. However, Bianca being the youngest daughter did want to get married but the father had decided that Kate was to get married first.

This meant Bianca was to be held back by her father's decision. Leaving her with no choice but to accept it. Woman appeared to be as an object or trophy, fathers would give the grooms money or land or both in order to marry their daughters a dowry, as we know it today. Once Petruchio and Kate were married he made her life miserable until she had no other choice but to respect him and do what he wanted her to do.

We see how Petruchio didn't want to stay for the wedding dinner and he wanted to leave immediately but Kate wanted to stay so she said to him

Katherine: "If you love me, stay"

Petruchio: "Grumio, my horse"

And later on she tells Petruchio she will not go but then he tells her "they shall go forward. Kate, at thy command" meaning listen to...