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Many people asserts that humanity has made little real progress over past century or so.For technological innovations can not change the condition that war,violence,and poverty are still with us.While I concede that humanity still have to face many serious problems,there may be other things,like terrorism,even more horrible.But no one could deny that technological innovationas change the way of humanity living entirely.So I think that technology can change the condition of humanity.

everything in the mundane world is interrelated and interplaying. Nothing can disobey this norm. analogy between the ecology and technology can serve as a further interpretation. Technology is changing the ecology,and the ecology is also changing the technology. The motivity of people to improve the phisical condition of human existence make people create things they need. Several years ago,people can never dream of the things that today they could make use of. For instance,telefhone was exiguity,and today nearly everyone gets a cell phone.

However the technology innovations bring many changes in people's daily life.The computer,which is created for scientific research,nowadays plays a important role in study and woking.

Moreover,I shall say that there are still wars, violence and poverty, but their frequency and severity are far better than they were a century ago. Nothing is absolute, and so it is with the negative aspects of life: war, violence and poverty. What technology has imparted us is that: war is ferocious, violence is abominable and poverty should be eliminated. And we are indeed dedicating to avoiding them and converting their negative feedbacks into lessons to our progenies.For instance,war never stops on earth,but the improvment of medicine saves lots of lives which abusolutely would died in a century ago.Furthermore we can not deny the existence of poverty today,but the technology innovations accelerates the development...