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Technology is improving more and more every day. Now a days technology can do so many things for us. It makes life easier for everyone. Technology also entertains us tremendously. Televisions and computers have changed the way we see entertainment. Technology can also have its bad side. The better the technology the more possibilities there are for us. Thus, having deadly weapons of mass destruction for us, and against us. Therefore, technology is something to have care with.

For one thing, computers are now very advanced today. They also control many things and lots of things depend on them. Well what if the computer crashes or has a problem. That means whatever is depending on it will fail and lead to disaster if its major. An example would be airplanes. Computers help navigate the airplane so if the computer has a problem the plane would be in trouble.

Technology isn't really so bad though when it's working properly or being used for good.

Technology keeps us entertained and informed of things through television or radio. It also provided us with more job opportunities and careers for people. Our transportation uses technology. The way we communicate sometimes uses technology. That includes phones and e-mails.

Most people's lives today are in affiliation with technology. Some people can't live without it. Interest in technology is increasing a lot. I predict that most of our future will depend on our knowledge of technology. The use of technology is also something that will always be very high. But one day technology could ruin us and be our downfall. I can't say though. Only the future can tell.