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Technology in Education Project Technology in Education Project In today's world there are new technologies and applications for yesterday's technology being developed all the time. A teacher must look at new technologies with a critical mind to discover ways of bringing technology into the classroom to aid teaching and learning. With all the new technologies to choose from the one that I found to have a great deal of potential in the classroom is the interactive whiteboard.

Describing the New Technology The new technology that I found to have a great amount of potential in the classroom is an interactive whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard is a whiteboard that is connected to a single classroom computer. The interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with all the power and capabilities of the computer. The interactive whiteboard has applications that can be used in all curriculum areas.

There are several brands of interactive whiteboards including SmartBoard, ActiBoard, eBeam, Mimio, and Webster.

Like computers, each interactive whiteboard has something a little different about them but all do the same job.

Using the New Technology The interactive whiteboard has many applications that are quite useful in the classroom. The interactive whiteboard can be used with any subject taught. There are many ways to use an interactive whiteboard in the classroom including showing presentations produced by teachers as well as students, teaching lessons to the entire class at the same time, using the internet with the entire class, or writing and illustrating a class book.

The application that I think has the most potential is creating lessons on the computer using Microsoft programs such as Word or Excel and saving them for use later during class. For example, I could create an outline for a lesson in history. Within that lesson I...