Technology and Education

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Technology and Education Our school has an extremely low budget of approximately eighteen million dollars. Where should the money go? Should it go to the English department, or the math and science buildings? Should the money be invested in expanding our school and giving raises to hard-working teachers? Or should the money be invested in the ever so popular increasing demand of computers? Should we get linked to the increasing Information Superhighway? In education, the issue of technology is constantly rising in debate. Should schools spend money on computers and networking which is an extremely hard field to keep updated both in software and hardware? Schools have found both the benefits and the drawbacks in investing in computers and technology.

The use of Information Technology benefits students greatly in many areas. Information technology has encouraged the development of productivity, increased student involvement and enabled students to complete joint projects with students in other cities, states and even countries (Carey 26).

Studies on students who have twenty four hour access to laptops have shown that students shown an increase in problem-solving and critical thing sills, enhanced learning in core academic subjects, produce higher quality work and have even provided more one-on one time between teachers and students (THE Journal 16).

Technology is an integral component of learning. Being that students learn at different rates, technology can individualize instruction. They can move at an appropriate pace providing a solid foundation of basic skills. Computer based technologies can administer individualized lesson sequences that branch and remediate according to student's unique needs, quickly and automatically track progress and generate reports (Peck and Dorricot 11).

The Internet provides a communications tool, which can assist students in networking within and between schools. Internet technology permits swift student-to-student communication through relatively inexpensive e-mail. Through the Internet students...