How technology influences students

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Christian R. Delos Santos BSECE T-13


As a college student I am experiencing some difficulties while studying; First of all, I feel like an outsider, because sometimes I think about and question myself if I am good enough in this subject or am I the weakest of all the times? Second is distractions, there are many types of distractions like computer, unless you are actively studying on it, your computer can be a huge distraction too. Third, my body needs, your body can be your own worst enemy during a study session, sleepiness, hunger, bathroom breaks and physical discomfort can get you up out of your chair and wandering around the house, thus breaking your concentration. Fourth is my friends, unless your friends happen to be very good study partners, they can really keep you from studying, despite their best intentions. Lastly, poor time management, there will be times that we are busy in some routine task, especially household chores.

And I think of how to get rid of this and improve my studying skills. (In house) First warm up and exercise for 20 minutes. (Doing this everyday helps your blood to circulate properly) after that eat your breakfast and drink a plenty of water then take a bath (if possible use warm water). Before studying make sure you have all the materials needed in your studying, and then go to a room with a fresh air to breathe and (if possible) a quiet surroundings then turn off all the gadgets that tempts you to use (turn it on if you need in your studying).

Here are some of my tips to help you study in school. First find a comfortable place to study (I recommend you to study in library), (if possible) you...