The Tecumseh Confederation

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Tecumseh was many things and one was that he was a person with a lot of hatred toward the whites and led an intertribal Indian alliance rebellion against them who ruled in the Ohio River Valley.

The Americans started to take land of the Indians. Tecumseh, a Shawnee leader and a brave man, wanted to end the advancement of the whites. He decided that the only way to put an end to the advancement of the whites is to organize all the Indian tribes west of the Appalachians to form a huge confederation. The Prophet, Tecumseh's brother, helped with the forming of the confederation. He preached his beliefs of religion and influenced many to follow him and Tecumseh.

When Tecumseh and his followers set up their new home called Prophetstown in 1808 in the Indiana Territory, Governor William Harrison feared of the growing numbers of Indians. He had many meetings with Tecumseh and the Prophet.

He wrote many letters to them and received many replies. He wrote in one that the Indians even at the amount that they had couldn't stand up to what he controls. He writes in many that the country is alarmed by the actions that they have done. William Harrison gets pretty fed up with dealing with them. Eventually, there was this meeting where Tecumseh brought some Indians and a lot of others followed him (totaling about 300), and Harrison was alarmed, so he had about 750 armed men set up. Tecumseh said that he has no intention of making war with the United Stated and he's leaving to the south to gather more followers. Tecumseh left quickly after declaring this and the meeting was over. Harrison saw an initiative to destroy Tecumseh's plans. He would go and destroy his hometown. The end of the Tecumseh...