Textile industry in Turkey

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Thesis: The textile industry in Turkey, its history, developments, benefits and difficulties.

1. INTRODUCTIONSince 1975 there had been many benefits that provided by textile industry. Although Europe improved itself in textile sector after the industrial revolution, Turkey could be better than European countries in a short period. Still textile industry contain %15 of Turkish economy, but it does not mean Turkey does not have any problems in the sector.

1.1. Background1.1.1. General InformationTextile exports, valued at US $3 billion in 2002 (more than 883 million euros), are 8.4 percent of total Turkish exports (just-style.com, 2003c). Most fabric formation (weaving and knitting) and processing (dying, printing, and finishing) takes places in the Istanbul area, Bursa, Adana, and Kayseri.

Much of Turkey's fabric production is based on cotton, as Turkey is one of the world's major cotton grower, ranking sixth in cotton production in 2000 with a total amount of 791,000 tons (IGEMEb, 2002).

Recognizing the strategic value of having operations in Turkey, and tariff-free access to the EU, Cone Mills, one of the U.S.'s top textile manufacturers and the largest producer of denim fabric in the world began a joint venture in Turkey. The company, IsKone, teams up Cone with Turkish denim company Isko to sell denim fabrics to Levi Strauss Europe (Cone, 2003).

Turkey also has a man-made textile sector, with reportedly the sixth largest capacity for synthetics in the world, and also has a wool industry (Turkey is the third largest mohair producer in the world) (IGEME, 2002b).

In recent years some Turkish textile companies have gone multinational, expanding or relocating operations to other countries.

1.1.2. DefinitionTurkey, located at the junction between Europe and Asia, is not only an important regional player in the garment and textile industry but also as a supplier to North America and elsewhere...