thecutie1ishere: um. who is this? KaliWaKer33: its clint thecutie1ishere: clint?

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thecutie1ishere: um. who is this? KaliWaKer33: its clint thecutie1ishere: clint? KaliWaKer33: ya do i no u? KaliWaKer33: ur on my buddy list thecutie1ishere: of course.

thecutie1ishere: clint, i know who you are.

KaliWaKer33: do i no u? thecutie1ishere: ive had the longest crush on you.

KaliWaKer33: who is this? thecutie1ishere: not really. but i would fuck ya.

thecutie1ishere: :-) heh.

KaliWaKer33: who is this? KaliWaKer33: do i no who u r? thecutie1ishere: yes.

KaliWaKer33: well? thecutie1ishere: .........................

KaliWaKer33: wats my last name then? thecutie1ishere: i dunno.

thecutie1ishere: you have brown hair and cute lil glasses.

KaliWaKer33: lol were do u live? thecutie1ishere: ecko lake.

KaliWaKer33: lol have i met u? thecutie1ishere: me. a lot KaliWaKer33: lol really? lol i dont hate n e one thecutie1ishere: ooooook.

thecutie1ishere: then...

thecutie1ishere: you strongly dislike me.

KaliWaKer33: wats ur name? thecutie1ishere: i cant tell you. cuz then you won't want to talk to me ne more.

and i kinda like talkin to ya. ya know? thecutie1ishere: lol!! KaliWaKer33: lol ill talk to ya but i just wanna know who im talkin to thecutie1ishere: well hey i g2g. ill try to be on later....

thecutie1ishere: pCe.

KaliWaKer33: lol KaliWaKer33: wen was the last time i saw u? thecutie1ishere: today thecutie1ishere: luv ya baby.

KaliWaKer33: really KaliWaKer33: im not in a very good mood KaliWaKer33: but thanks u made me laugh thecutie1ishere: awe! yay! thecutie1ishere: just look around in the rooms tomorrow and maybe youll see me smilin.

thecutie1ishere: pCe.

thecutie1ishere: bie! KaliWaKer33: wich room? thecutie1ishere: 5-6 or 7pnjbithug06: Yo dis clint KaliWaKer33: who cares pnjbithug06: i fuckin care KaliWaKer33: who the fuck is this pnjbithug06: dis is Sundeep pnjbithug06: I heard u fuckin talking shit about me KaliWaKer33: owwwwwwwww sunny dee KaliWaKer33: wat crackin puusy pnjbithug06: lol pnjbithug06: have u seen me son? KaliWaKer33: son? pnjbithug06: listen kid pnjbithug06: u got beef with pd KaliWaKer33: umm i dont give a fuck pnjbithug06: u got beef wit me pnjbithug06: u wanna fuck wit are crew pnjbithug06: n we seriously take care of u KaliWaKer33: ur a fuckin homo ass arab pnjbithug06: u know all those black kids in ur school? pnjbithug06: kelvin? KaliWaKer33: ya they all hate par deep KaliWaKer33: im friends with um pnjbithug06: watch what he doez to u pnjbithug06: boy plz KaliWaKer33: he aint gun do shit to me pnjbithug06: u couldnt fuck wit me pnjbithug06: if u tried KaliWaKer33: no ill just fuck ur moma KaliWaKer33: owwww wait already did pnjbithug06: so i heard pnjbithug06: u got JD'z wit u pnjbithug06: on ur side pnjbithug06: GD KaliWaKer33: jd? KaliWaKer33: gd? pnjbithug06: ya pnjbithug06: "gang Memberz" KaliWaKer33: wat the fuck r u sayin talk english this isnt arabia u stupid fuck pnjbithug06 wants to directly connect.

pnjbithug06: connect white boy KaliWaKer33 declines request; no connection was made.

KaliWaKer33: no pnjbithug06: i show u pic of my arm KaliWaKer33: ohhh ok pnjbithug06: n we see how much chaos u cauze KaliWaKer33 wants to directly connect.

pnjbithug06 is now directly connected.

KaliWaKer33: u no wat KaliWaKer33: i could beat pars ass but from wat i here he just runs to u pnjbithug06: pnjbithug06: oooo thatz me pnjbithug06: n now u fuckin wit Deep pnjbithug06: watchu hearing is a mind of a thug pnjbithug06: see u talked shit to me pnjbithug06: this has nothing to do with par pnjbithug06: u talked shit to me pnjbithug06: noww u fuckin with me KaliWaKer33: lol aint nuttin pnjbithug06: aint nuttin pnjbithug06: ask kelvin on monday if u should fuck with me KaliWaKer33: wat u cant read either KaliWaKer33: i said aint nuthin pnjbithug06: ask kelvin on monday if u should fuck with me pnjbithug06: just ask him KaliWaKer33: u no wat pnjbithug06: Ask anyone in that school if you should fuck with me pnjbithug06: and We will see how much Terror i bring to u KaliWaKer33: san nigga SUCK MY DICK pnjbithug06: you know more than half of akron university is Arab KaliWaKer33: how old r u n e ways? pnjbithug06: 17 pnjbithug06: u cant do shit pnjbithug06: no police on my ass KaliWaKer33: i dout that pnjbithug06: i am pnjbithug06: belive it or not KaliWaKer33: ok pnjbithug06: and if u dont believe me pnjbithug06: i got more than enuff boyz to run u down pnjbithug06: that are 16 pnjbithug06: u can talk shit pnjbithug06: but u cant represent cho shit KaliWaKer33: ''runn me down''? pnjbithug06: u do not have enuff boyz to back ur ass pnjbithug06: no matter wat way u think KaliWaKer33: ok w/e pnjbithug06: u dont pnjbithug06: u can get gang member KaliWaKer33: i dont fuckin care KaliWaKer33: pars just a lil pussy pnjbithug06: but then u got my 150 man crew pnjbithug06: and all of hidez older broz crips KaliWaKer33: ohhhhhhhh pnjbithug06: boy that kid would kill u KaliWaKer33: ohhh ok and hed go to jail pnjbithug06: listen man pnjbithug06: we dont give a fuck bout jail pnjbithug06: we outlawz KaliWaKer33: lol ok pnjbithug06: u can either let us ride pnjbithug06: or die resisting KaliWaKer33: can i be an ''outlaw''? pnjbithug06: wat u think this is a game? pnjbithug06: this aint no white boy vice city pnjbithug06: get shot by a thug restart KaliWaKer33: i no KaliWaKer33: im just sayin can i put my application in to be a ''outlaw''? pnjbithug06: u could never run like an outlaw pnjbithug06: u need to get a reality check pnjbithug06: cuz if u bust in pnjbithug06: we rushiin KaliWaKer33: hahahahahahaha u should be a poet KaliWaKer33: u rym good lol pnjbithug06: datz parz job KaliWaKer33: par is the worst rapper in the worl KaliWaKer33: everybody says he sucks KaliWaKer33: 'no body likes him pnjbithug06: lol pnjbithug06: i bet he could destroy ur ass in a battle KaliWaKer33: in a battle? pnjbithug06: i bet he could destroy everyone in the school besides evan in a battle pnjbithug06: Freestyle Battle pnjbithug06: if u kids knew what rap was KaliWaKer33: im sorry i dont rap like u outlawz pnjbithug06: who said i rap? KaliWaKer33: no one KaliWaKer33: u no wat KaliWaKer33: listen KaliWaKer33: parz afriad of me and the only way hed beat me is if ur ass came pnjbithug06: naw pnjbithug06: i doubt that pnjbithug06: i heard ur ass brought ur boyz to jump in KaliWaKer33: i didnt have n e body with me] pnjbithug06: is that so? KaliWaKer33: not 1 person KaliWaKer33: the other kids came to see it pnjbithug06: well im telling u this now KaliWaKer33: wats the ''outlaw gunna tell me''? pnjbithug06: If you fuckin Talk to par in that school or u talk shit pnjbithug06: Ima run in cuz u talking shit tabout me pnjbithug06: so u bust wit my nigga pnjbithug06: i bust yo ass KaliWaKer33: no i am talkin shit bout par pnjbithug06: no no no pnjbithug06: u talked shit about me pnjbithug06: n i clearly got it right here pnjbithug06: and u talked shit about arab ppl pnjbithug06: so how bout this cunt pnjbithug06: u fuck wit him pnjbithug06: u fuck wit 150 arabs pnjbithug06: n if u think this is a game KaliWaKer33: owwwwwww better get in my bomb shelter then pnjbithug06: talk shit to him on monday pnjbithug06: n we see how ur christmas goez KaliWaKer33: i will KaliWaKer33: ok then wat u gunna shoot me? KaliWaKer33: u gunna bust playa pnjbithug06: thatz for u to find out pnjbithug06: u havent even enterted the game KaliWaKer33: ur gunna killl me? pnjbithug06: u will be lucky if u was considers a pupil KaliWaKer33: ''the game'' pnjbithug06: ur still in prep world pnjbithug06: trying to save the princess like ine super mario KaliWaKer33: well i dont give a shit if u or all ur little al queda friends can woop my ass me and the whole school nos id rock parz little ass pnjbithug06: aight pnjbithug06: so itz ok with u if we whoop ur ass KaliWaKer33: ur just a little puusy because u gotto bring ur little friends pnjbithug06: me? KaliWaKer33: i went to fight par ALONE pnjbithug06: i dont need to bring a single person to whoop ur ass KaliWaKer33: no the other kid im talkin to KaliWaKer33: thats not wat ur sayin bitch? pnjbithug06: even u know i can whoop ur ass KaliWaKer33: ur a pussy KaliWaKer33: ur a pussy KaliWaKer33: ur a pussy KaliWaKer33: ur a pussy KaliWaKer33: ur a pussy KaliWaKer33: ur a pussy pnjbithug06: alright then pnjbithug06: gimmie ur address KaliWaKer33: ur a arab pussy pnjbithug06: and ill come to ur house KaliWaKer33: hahhahahahahahahahahaha KaliWaKer33: okright pnjbithug06: well see who the pussy is KaliWaKer33: ok pnjbithug06 direct connection is closed.

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