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Tea Cake is Janie's love, peace, and best friend. When he was introduced in the novel, I saw that he is a fun, loving person and would be perfect for Janie. As he played his "box", guitar, his music symbolized beauty. Tea Cake was a man who could and would do anything to make himself and Janie happy. His genuine kindness and intelligence made him successful. After Janie leaves Eatonville with Tea Cake, they travel to the Everglades to build their lives. They work together, live together, and love together. When a great hurricane arrives, they must literally run for their lives. They return to their home after the storm only to discover that Tea Cake has been bitten by a rabid dog while trying to save Janie's life and now has the rabies disease. He suffers and tries to kill Janie, who must in turn kill Tea Cake to survive.

Janie kills the body of Tea Cake, but not the soul of Tea Cake, which lives on in her. She continues to love him and finds herself in the end. She lives on as a wise, self-actualized, strong woman who has found peace. Thanks to Tea Cake, the man who knew himself and was happy, hence making Janie peaceful and satisfied.

Janie matures with each life-lesson. She grows mature into a woman, but her soul remains as a child. Janie's light colored skin was contributed by her father, a white teacher who raped Janie's mother as she was a student. Janie's smooth, black hair is kept at a very long length, tied in a rope draped down her back. This symbolizes her life, long and eventful. Her clothing was mainly of overalls, useful to Janie when she was working in the Everglades with Tea Cake. Janie was very good looking. Her figure was slim and men lost their eyes looking at her beauty. Some people might think that Janie was stuck up, but I think that a portray of her like that is merely misunderstanding. Her spark of life has people fall for her hidden beauties. This spark won the hearts of her second husband, Joe Starks, and her third husband, Tea Cake, not to mention all the Everglade workers.

The long road symbolizes Janie's life. Each road isn't perfect in dimensions nor in consistency. Each road is different and can never be copied. Janie's life is much the same. Jane went through some hard times. She took this path during her life to find herself and to who she was.

The rich soil of the Everglades symbolizes Janie's foundation of life. During her childhood, she was looked upon as a young girl. Her grandmother enforced traditions and beliefs into Janie. Her grandmother did this so often, Janie grew up and as a women said that she was her own self now and that she was no longer going to live her grandmothers life. Janie had another strong character in her life, her nanny. Her nanny was the farthest from the best, but was an active role in Janie's life. Even if the nanny wasn't the best influence on her life, Janie wouldn't have become the women she was if she hadn't had the chance to have her nanny touch her soul.