Their Eyes Were Watching God (Comparison essay)

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The the novel "Their eyes are watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston. Janie was the

main character. She was so simlar to Jane from "Jane Erye" by Charlotte Bronte. They both did

what they believed that they should do no matter what it takes. They were both brought up in a

society that emphasis on the idea of men are more superior women. They set a foil to that kind

of society by not following that idea. The two novels are not the story of their quest for a partner

but rather that of their quest for a secure sense of independence and to have a strong sense of

their identity.

Janie, knowing that her life would get no where with Logan, nevertheless she left him.

She had no clue what beholds her future with a man that she doesn't as know well. It must had

took alot of courage for one to make such choice, but Janie would do anything to be not

trapped with a man that doesn't appreciate her.

Unfortunately, it turned to be another unhappy

marriage, the only difference was that the marriage between sho and Joe lasted much longer.

She looses hope when it became clear that her relationship to Jody will not realize her dreams.

Joe wans't much different in comparison with Logan as a husband, he was overcontrolling and

unappreciative. He often belittled her by insulting her while at the same time forcing her to

remain silent, it went went so far that she had an outburst which happened before Joe's death.

(You big-bellies roud here and put out a lot of brag, but 'taint nothin' to it but yo' big voice...")

[P.75] In this quotation, Janie was getting back on Joe ) She asserted herself and her own

power, throwing...