The Thematic Concepts of Lord of the Flies Continue to Play a Large Role in Today's Society (Lord of the Flies in Relation to the Media)

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IntroductionThe three ideas I used were, Democracy vs. Dictatorship, Humanity and Human Nature and Innocence vs. Experience. Democracy vs. Dictatorship connects with Ralph (as the democratic leader) and Jack (as the dictator)and is compared to democracy being overthrown. Humanity and Human Nature is connected to the boys obtained savagery and immorality. It is then related to war, the effects of war and isolation caused by war. Innocence vs. Experience relates to Simon symbolizing innocence, Jack and Ralph symbolizing experience and Ralph realization of the end of innocence on the island. I chose these topics because I thought they were the most important themes in the book. These themes cause the most conflict and plot advancement.

Democracy vs. DictatorshipIn Lord of the Flies, there is a conflict between democracy and dictatorship, aka Ralph vs. Jack. Ralph usually symbolizes order, civilization and democracy. He uses the conch to create structure, therefore allowing all the boys to have their own, individual opinion.

Ralph, based on his actions and thoughts, is a democratic leader. Jack is strong-willed and egomaniacal. He is the main representative of savagery and desire for power and he has no intentions of providing for the group. This quote shows Jack's opposition towards democracy: ' "I got the conch!" said Piggy indignantly. "You let me speak!" "The conch doesn't count on top of the mountain." said Jack, "So you shut up!". ..Piggy opened his mouth to speak, caught Jack eye and shut it again.' (Golding 42). This quote shows Jack disrespecting the conch (which is a symbol of democracy and order) and it shows him disrespecting Ralph rules. Piggy is also a representative of democracy, but is given no rights by Jack. This quote foreshadows the overthrowing of democracy on the island. Jack desires power and bloodlust above all else.