Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt's background is filled with a collection of accomplishments and interesting historical events. A brief chronological description of Roosevelt's background provides an interesting overview of his major achievements and reveals little known facts of his accomplished life. Roosevelt is best known for being the twenty sixth and youngest president at age forty two in United States history. Roosevelt was born into riches on October 17, 1858 in New York City during a difficult time in American history. He graduated from Harvard University in 1880 and earned Phi Betta Kappa status (Faber, 169). Roosevelt entered the political arena and began attracting attention with his pro middle class America ideas and his tough on crime stance while serving in the New York legislature from 1882-1884. After serving in the New York legislature and the sudden death of his wife in 1884 Roosevelt moved west. He purchased a cattle ranch in Wyoming with money that he inherited from his father and spent the next two years living as a hunter and rancher (Harbaugh, 2).

Roosevelt decides it is time for a change and plans on returning to New York after a high percentage of his live stock was lost in a serious storm. After settling in New York, Roosevelt set out to quench his thirst for literature by authoring and publishing his own work. Historians do not fairly recognize and credit Roosevelt for his achievements as an author when comparing this work to his other major accomplishments. His creative efforts as an author were very successful and he eventually compiled a list of thirty five books published throughout his career (Biography, 2). Roosevelt's adventures also include holding a position of high rank in with the Navy and he eventually fights in the Spanish-American war. In 1897 Roosevelt earns hero status during...