Theology and Homosexuality

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The subject of homosexuality is one of the most controversial issues confronted by the Catholic Church at present. Such concern is similarly fundamental. The faithful as well as the public on the whole are generally familiar with the teachings of the Church with regard to this matter. Even so, there is a significant discrepancy recognized with respect to the Catholic practice and the official Church doctrines.

Literature ReviewPaul G. Crowley, S.J. (2008) wrote an article entitled, Homosexuality and the Counsel of the Cross: A Clarification. Its main concern is the invitation of the Church addressed to homosexuals. In this invitation, they are encouraged to unite their hardships with the passion of Christ. Crowley (2008) states that this is not only appropriated but is also understood to serve as a counsel of hope.

In another article entitled Whether to Adopt Statements on Homosexuality in Two Denominations: A Research Note by Paul A.

Djupe, Laura R. Olson, Christopher P. Gilbert (2006). the subject of homosexuality is acknowledged as one of the most controversial issues involving American religion. Denominational context influences the attitudes of both the members of the church as well as the clergy. Their reactions mirror the universal attitudes concerning gay rights as well as the public contribution of the denomination. The clergy is concerned about the way denominational statement can influence their congregation (Djupe et al., 2006). The members of the church then take their hints from them.

Bjordn Krondofer (2007), the author of the article entitled, Who's Afraid of Gay Theology? Men's Studies, Gay Scholars, and Heterosexual Silence, argues that although there is an increase in the number of gay scholarship involved in religious studies, there is still an insufficient response coming from heterosexual scholars involved in the studies of men about religion. Ironically, they are dismissed as a...