These notes list the first 11 presidents with brief reviews of their presidencies.

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A)George Washington (189-1797) ("Father of His Country")

In 1789 George Washington ran against John Adams and John Jay. Washington was part of the Federalist Party. Between 1759 and 1788 Washington was also member to the House of Burgess, the Continental Congress and Chairman of the Constitutional Convention. His Cabinet members were as follows:

Secretary of States

John Jay (1789-90), Thomas Jefferson (1790-93), Edmund Randolph (1794-95)

Secretary of Treasury

Alexander Hamilton (1789-95), Oliver Wolcott (1795-97)

Secretary of War

Henry Knox (1789-94), Timothy Pickering (1795-96), James McHenry (1796-97)

Attorney General

Edmund Randolph (1790-94), William Bradford (1794-95), Charles Lee (1795-97)

During Washington's Presidency there were a lot of notable events that distinguished U.S. History. In 1789 the Judiciary Act specified the number of Federal courts and judges. In 1790 the Supreme Court met for the first time with John Jay as the Chief Justice. In 1791 the Federal capital was established in swamplands on the Potomac.

A national banking system was established by the Bank Act. Also in 1791 The Bill of Rights had taken effect. In 1792 Congress established the Post Office as a separate entity. The New York Stock Exchange was organized. Also the government as enacted by the Coinage Act minted coins. In 1793 war broke out between Britain and France. On April 22 of that year the U.S. declared neutrality. In 1794 the Whiskey Rebellion took place because the over excise tax in western Pennsylvania. Federal troops were called to suppress the armed rebellion. In 1795 the Jay Treaty was ratified. British troops were required to withdraw from the U.S. Pinckney's Treaty with Spain opened navigation on Mississippi River. Washington posed for Stuart's portrait, which is now on the one-dollar bill. In 1796 Washington delivered his Farewell Address.

For some personal info Washington never had wooden teeth like...