Think about the influence of laws on our lives, then write a one-page story about a day in a school without rules.

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A school without rules might sound like seventh heaven to the vast majority of youths, a utopian paradise which can never be reached. But for the students of Anarchy College, this is the painfully down-to-earth, rational reality.

The first thing which would become apparent if you turned up would be the fact that nobody turns up with the aim of learning anything. Educational classes were abolished back in the Jurassic period. Homework is another part of history; for the teachers have relinquished the mere thought of setting it because it fails to interest any of the students. Today, the hallowed halls of Anarchy College reverberate seven hours a day, five days a week, with the harmonies of adolescent gossip. This ranges from the ordinary chatter between students, to mobile phone conversations, to the "rejects" who are forced into cyberspace to conduct their social lives.

Technology runs riot in Anarchy College. There are no terms or conditions concerned with using the school's super-fast Ethernet connection, and thus many choose it over their snail-pace dial-up modems at home. The lines between legal and illegal internet pursuits do not exist in the minds of Anarchy students, who "rip and burn" Compact Discs, "share and swap" documents such as videos over networks such as "KaZaA", download massive amounts of pirated music and software, deal in fraudulent identities and credit cards to fuel their web designing pursuits.

The air is thick with the signals of wireless phones, radios, computers and many other kinds of electronic communication. In fact, it is suspected that after discussing their evening plans, it is known that several children have disappeared. Naturally, due to all the unreined "chatting" with strangers on the internet, there have been cases of stalkers becoming obsessed with certain students and, much...