Third Girl by Agatha Christie

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Third Girl

Title: Third Girl

Author: Agatha Christie

Publisher: HarperCollins

Number of pages: 365

The story circles around a third girl by the name of Norma Restarick, who could be described as a little barmy, or as said in the story 'a little wanting in the top drawer'. She is first seen in Detective Poirot's office, wanting to see him as she claims that she might have committed a murder and later declaring him too old to help her. Ariadne Oliver, Poirot's best friend and famous author, helps to cheer him up and proves herself invaluable as she helps him unravel a web of deceit, greed, cunning and cruel lies, linking up the smooth and flamboyant David Baker, the languid and artistically inclined Frances Cary, the crisp and efficient Claudia Reece-Holland, the stylish and mysterious Mary Restarick, the caring and business minded Andrew Restarick, the cranky and eccentric Sir Roderick, the charming and sensitive Doctor Stillingfleet and the baffling role of Louise Birell in this tangling mess of deception and deviousness.

Norma Restarick presents herself to be a neurotic and nutty girl, and tells those close to her that she had committed murder, arousing cause for alarm. However, she abruptly disappears into thin air. While her relatives and Ariadne Oliver tries their best to find her, Hercule Poirot is more interested in the rationale behind Norma's claims that she had murdered someone. He uncovers a can of worms, one that gives the story such a life jolting twist that readers will be stunned to the point of oblivion. Upon the ending, one will be so astounded by the outcome that one will feel dazed and bewildered, and will not be sure what is happening.

This story shows the true nature of humans: That selfishness and greed is basic human...